About our Quartet

String Quartet “PARADIS” is an ideal solution for those who thought of creating a fairy tale out of their celebration.

About us

String Quartet “PARADIS” is a group of four girls, musicians from such orchestras as Opera Theatre, Organ Hall and the National Philharmonic. All of us are graduates of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts from Chisinau.

We are young and beautiful, and in combination with high professionalism and original repertoire it is a guarantee that you and your guests will get positive emotions from the very beginning of your celebration (Examples of our performance you can find on video).


During its existence from 2008 PARADIS Quartet has been participating in various activities at the highest level and scale, such as:

reception of delegations and presentations

exhibitions and corporate events

home theme parties

feast christening party

weddings and anniversaries

At weddings, we have acted as a welcome chord when receiving guests at the event, the background for the ceremonial moment of marriage registration, as well as creation of a relaxed atmosphere during a buffet or banquet.

Unique style

However, in addition to the high level of professionalism, String Quartet PARADIS stands out among other quartets due to its appearance. While any classical quartet is dressed in black suits, we have chosen to address a romantic and elegant Greek style (our photos can be found in the gallery).

A varied repertoire

In the matter of a string quartet repertoire PARADIS does not recognize the boundaries of genre. Music from famous movies, popular artists and groups song arrangements coexist along with the masterpieces of classical, jazz and blues music. Our repertoire is constantly updated with new pieces. You can pre-book a certain song or a composition, and we will do everything possible to adapt it for our performance (the list of the pieces performed can be found in the repertoire).

We are always ready to discuss and choose the repertoire for you according to your taste and character of the event.

Inviting our quartet to your celebration is a worthy investment in your priceless memories.







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